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Mason Indigo born (Jamel Lee 12/13/94) is an Atlanta-based artist from Durham North Carolina. His hip hop roots begin with the album "College Dropout" discovering this genre of music late in life. Sneaking to listen to his father’s CD laid the foundation for the artist we know today. From the young age of 15, he began his journey into Hip Hop appearing in cyphers and performing under the name “DeAndre Doogle”. "As we grow so does our music.” 


With maturity taking his spirit to the next level Mason Indigo was born. He displays versatility and style able to please the crowd with up-tempo bangers, yet he speaks to one's soul with uplifting lyrics that all can enjoy. He can craft thought-provoking poetry that displays the world through his own eyes.



Taking this newfound persona to the spotlight he has performed in Atlanta, Durham, Fayetteville, and Tallahassee,  even winning the ATL vs NC hip hop competition in his hometown. Setting his sights on the future his efforts are now poured into his Debut EP “StarBorn”. A title that is both fitting and intriguing; Mason plans to bring life, positivity, and something interstellar to today's music.