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Inspiration seeker and unapologetic empath. Colliding the worlds of Alternative, Hip Hop and Pop. Mason deploys positivity and something interstellar to today's music.

Empty words Cover .png

"Empty Words" The exhilarating Alternative single, forged  by the "Celestial Creator" of audio ecstasy.  


General Update

"Nothing but pressure all 2020"

2020 has been productive. I made a promise to YOU my fan base to release new content consistently throughout the year. Since January I've released 2 videos and 4 songs! We will continue this momentum, your support continues to inspire me. Every month I will be releasing two new songs until we can bring you a full project. To the right you can check out two of my most recent singles! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for helping me get to this point! The future is looking bright! 

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